Intel shows off wireless keyboard that re-juices via resonant charging (video)

Imagine this: Intel hosts an event with dozens of Ultrabooks arranged on tables. All the tech writers in attendance rush past them, and instead swarm around... a keyboard. That was the scene at one of Intel's Computex press events today, where the company demoed an interesting use of inductive resonant charging using a concept all-in-one PC and wireless keyboard. As you'll see in our walk-through video, the 'board starts charging as soon as you press it against the base of the PC. Now, we know, we know: wireless charging is hardly new, but what impressed us here was that the presenters didn't even need to rest the keyboard flat on top of something else; even making contact from the side was enough. According to an Intel rep staffing the event, the company has considered porting this technology over to other accessories. No word on how soon you'll be able to try any of this at home, but for now we've got photos below, along with that video we mentioned.

Update: The wireless charging technology in use here is resonant, not inductive charging.

Zach Honig and Myriam Joire contributed to this report.