Nokia Maps for Windows Phone makeover brings friends' photos and reviews, favorites syncing

Nokia Maps is a cornerstone of the Lumia line, so it's more than a little vital that the Windows Phone app keep up with the smartphone pack. The just-posted 2.0 update catches up in a big way to Google Maps on social location: travelers can now add reviews and photos to locations, both helping spot that French café and decide whether or not it's worth a visit. If you're that much in love with the cappuccino, you'll be glad to know there's now favorites syncing that will carry over to other Nokia phones as well as the web apps, should you moonlight with Android or an iPhone. The chronically lost even have something to cheer about, since the new app makes it possible to pin directions, not just locations, to the home screen. Upgrading is free; provided you've addressed the small matter of owning a Lumia phone, there's every good reason to check Windows Phone Marketplace and get to downloading.