OnLive's E3 blowout includes new games, easy in-browser access, MultiView and LG's Google TV

OnLive launched in the summer of 2010 streaming games to PCs or Macs, and now two years later it has returned to E3 feeling pretty good about the state of cloud gaming and its place in it. Among a series of announcements going out are news that it will be demonstrating gaming on smart TVs for the first time on LG's G2 Google TVs with support for up to four universal OnLive controllers at once. The Google TV viewer app has been out, although OnLive gaming has been closely tied to Vizio's upcoming Google TV models in the past while LG showed off Gaikai access at CES. It's not available on retail units yet, but is expected to be added in a software update, with an eye towards adding support for Cinema 3D gaming later on. At the same time it's rolling out an update to its in-browser gaming clients that lets publishers and retailers launch players into games without creating a login.

OnLive's E3 blowout includes new games, easy inbrowser access, MultiView and LG's Google TV

Finally, we've got the new OnLive MultiView feature that lets players see the video stream of another player without exiting their own session. As suggested in the press release (all are included after the break), it can let you check in on a friend's game as it happens, or even see from a teammate's perspective during a co-op match. That feature is currently in closed beta and is set to launch later this year, read on for all the details about what OnLive is up to and a list of games coming soon that includes Darksiders II, Civilization V: Gods and Kings and more.

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OnLive Showcases Exclusive Game Previews at E3

Previews of Darksiders II, Sid Meier's Civilization® V: Gods & Kings, London 2012 and Ravaged Playable at OnLive's E3 Booth

Los Angeles, Calif. (E3 Expo, 2012) - June 5, 2012 - OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of on-demand cloud gaming, announced today that it will add a slew of new video games and innovative social capabilities to its cloud gaming platform this year, many of which can be experienced for the first time ever at OnLive's Booth #535, South Hall at the Electronic Entertainment Expo from June 5-7 in Los Angeles. In addition to exclusive previews of the highly anticipated titles London 2012™ and Ravaged, OnLive will demonstrate next-generation social features such as OnLive MultiView, which will transform the way people play by empowering gamers to spectate multiple live games while playing a game.

Exclusive Previews of the Hottest Games
OnLive will offer instant game demos of both hot new releases and some of the summer's most anticipated games at this year's E3. Come by Booth # 535, South Hall for an exclusive trial of the SEGA® Official Video Game of the Olympic Games London 2012, which allows gamers to create their own moments of sporting history while competing in more than 30 Olympic events. 2 Dawn Games' online multiplayer shooter Ravaged can also be experienced at E3 exclusively at the OnLive booth with the new OnLive MultiView feature enabled, empowering co-op teammates to view live streams of each other's gameplay as they battle for control of a post-apocalyptic planet. THQ's eagerly awaited Darksiders® II and 2K Games' highly anticipated Sid Meier's Civilization® V: Gods and Kings will also be available for instant play, joining the growing library of hundreds of top-tier titles already available through the OnLive cloud gaming service. As with all OnLive games, the games will be playable on demand on PCs, Macs®, tablets, smartphones and TVs enabled with the OnLive Game System.

A comprehensive list of coming soon games, including exciting additions such as Hitman™: Absolution, Metro: Last Light and Aliens™: Colonial Marines is included at the end of this release.

"OnLive continues to pioneer exciting new experiences that are instantly and easily accessible for everyone," said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. "OnLive cloud technology is the future, and we are thrilled to continue to bring its unique capabilities to light to a broader audience."

New Releases Coming to the OnLive Game Service

• Aliens: Colonial Marines
• The Cave
• Darksiders II
• Hell Yeah!
• Hitman: Absolution
• Inversion
• London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games
• Metro: Last Light
• Ravaged
• Saints Row®: The Third: Enter the Dominatrix™
• Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings
• South Park: The Stick of Truth

For a complete list of current OnLive titles or to find out more about OnLive, visit or

OnLive Cloud Gaming Demonstrated on LG Smart TVs with Google TV

Hundreds of Top-tier Games Playable Instantly On-Demand with No Console Needed;
Rich Social Gaming with Multiplayer, Massive Spectating, Brag Clip Videos, Voice Chat;
Supports up to 4 OnLive Wireless Controllers;
Previewed at OnLive's E3 Booth

Los Angeles, Calif. (E3 Expo, 2012) - June 5, 2012 - OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of on-demand cloud gaming, is demonstrating the OnLive® Game Service on the next-generation LG Smart TV with Google TV (G2 Series) from LG Electronics at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) here this week.

Capitalizing on the power of LG's L9 dual-core processor, the service would make hundreds of top-tier video games from more than 60 publishers playable on-demand, without a console or PC. When the service becomes available, LG G2 TV owners will also enjoy free instant access to exclusive OnLive social features such as worldwide massive spectating, the brand-new OnLive MultiView spectating capability, Brag Clip™ video recording and Facebook sharing.

Previews of the OnLive LG TV experience will be shown publicly for the first time at OnLive Booth #535, South Hall at the Electronic Entertainment Expo from June 5-7 in Los Angeles. Select 3D games, using the popular LG CINEMA 3D glasses, are planned for a future software update.

With just a few taps of the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller or any compatible game controller, LG G2 TV owners will be able to jump in and play OnLive's growing library of hundreds of top-tier, console-class video games on-demand. Instant demos are available for nearly every game-from eagerly anticipated indie titles like Ravaged to hot blockbusters such as the upcoming Darksiders® II-so players can experience up to 30 minutes of each game free before deciding what to buy, and then continue playing where the demo left off.

Games can be purchased a la carte, or players can subscribe to OnLive's revolutionary PlayPack subscription service for unlimited on-demand play of more than 220 games, with more titles added weekly. When players are away from their OnLive LG TV, all of their OnLive games are available-with full game saves and achievements-on almost any PC or Mac®, tablet or smart phone wherever there is broadband, whether in a different room in the house, or in a different country in the world.

In addition to instant-action gameplay, an OnLive Game Service account enables users to watch millions of gamers from around the world play live in the massive spectating Arena, voice chat with other players and spectators, capture Brag Clip videos of their best and worst gameplay and share their gaming exploits with friends on Facebook.

Exclusive to OnLive, users can now even spectate and chat with friends and teammates in OnLive's new MultiView mode while continuing to play their own game, adding an engaging new social dimension to OnLive gaming. With MultiView, gamers will not only be able to take co-operative tactics to all-new levels by virtually looking over their teammates' shoulders as they play, but also keep tabs on friends in any single player or multiplayer game in play on the service.

"LG Google TV's superior performance, coupled with OnLive's innovative games-on-demand service, unleashes powerful new entertainment possibilities for gaming enthusiasts," said Georg Rasinski, Director of Home Entertainment Brand Management, LG Electronics USA. "Cloud gaming complements the virtually limitless content options already available through our exciting G2 series TVs."

"It's always been our mission to make top-quality gaming accessible to everyone, everywhere," said Steve Perlman, Founder and CEO, OnLive. "OnLive adds no cost to LG Smart TVs, but delivers a full console-class experience. We're excited to make on-demand top-tier gaming an integral part of the living room entertainment system on LG's state-of-the-art TVs."

The LG G2 Series, which combines the power of the Google TV platform with the speed of LG's new L9 dual-core chipset and a user-friendly interface, is expected be the first LG Smart TV with Google TV model to make OnLive on-demand gameplay an integral part of the consumer experience. The first LG G2 TV, featuring Full HD 3D and the OnLive Game Service pre-installed, is anticipated in a future software update. To preview the experience firsthand, come by OnLive Booth #535, South Hall at the Electronic Entertainment Expo from June 5-7 in Los Angeles. To find out more about OnLive, visit or

OnLive Offers One-Click In-Browser Cloud Gaming

Instant Play of Hundreds of OnLive Library or Publisher Titles-No Login Required
Publisher/Retailer Website Customizes Entire White-Label Experience
Rich Social Gaming Includes Multiplayer, MultiView In-Game Spectating, Voice Chat
PCs/Macs and OnLive-enabled TVs/Tablets/Phones

Los Angeles, Calif. (E3 Expo, 2012) - June 5, 2012 - OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of on-demand cloud gaming, released today a major update to its In-Browser Gaming capabilities, enabling publishers/retailers to offer one-click, instant play of hundreds of games from OnLive's top-tier library or any partner-provided game, in nearly any PC or Mac® browser, and soon, from browsers of OnLive-enabled TVs, tablets or phones. No signup or login necessary: In just one click, gamers jump into a white-label gaming experience completely defined by the retailer or publisher's website, from startup to return dialogs to window skinning, utilizing any OnLive features, including OnLive MultiView in-game live spectating, multiplayer, voice chat, touch support and secure transaction interfaces. OnLive In-Browser Gaming is live today in North America, Europe and soon worldwide. Check out any game trial in OnLive's game catalog at to see OnLive's In-Browser Gaming service in action, skinned with a simple interface to showcase base functionality.

OnLive In-Browser Gaming was designed for easy integration into any Web destination, such as partner websites, Facebook pages, tweets or fan sites. Using standard HTML or Flash, the partner website both skins and controls the flow of the entire experience. A simple URL launches any game, whether from OnLive's library of hundreds of top-tier titles or partner-provided. Upon completion of gameplay, the website can decide whether the user returns to the web page for download, for a disc upsell to specific platforms, to purchase the game for continued play through OnLive on the device they are using, or any combination of these choices. No more lost sales (and disappointment) to users who can play a cloud demo on their device, but lack a high-end PC or platform that can play the game. Plus, OnLive opens up new opportunities to sell games for OnLive-enabled TVs, tablets and phones.

"One-click OnLive In-Browser Cloud Gaming finally gives publishers and retailers a full-featured gaming and transaction solution, together with complete control of the user experience," said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. "A single click instantly launches a user through a partner-defined interface into any of the hundreds of games in OnLive's top-tier library or into any partner-provided game via almost any PC or Mac browser, and soon via OnLive-enabled TVs, tablets and phones. Gamers enjoy a full gameplay experience with multiplayer, voice chat and even OnLive-exclusive features such as MultiView in-game live spectating, with seamless instant-purchase opportunities."

In addition to adding unique social dimension to OnLive gaming, OnLive's exclusive MultiView in-game live spectating provides an unprecedented marketing vehicle. OnLive MultiView can be used to showcase experienced players at more advanced levels of a game, to provide context for multiplayer games through voice chat, or to show promotional videos or upsell other games during demo play.

OnLive In-Browser Cloud Gaming is virtually friction-free for PCs and Macs. First launch delivers one-click instant play for any of the millions of gamers who have ever used OnLive, or two-click on first launch if the gamer has Java, and one-click thereafter. For all others, on first launch the tiny OnLive client installs in just a few seconds (no Java needed). Fast and easy, OnLive delivers instant gratification with zero or minimal overhead.

OnLive In-Browser Cloud Gaming is structured within OnLive overall partner relationships as a potential revenue source, rather than as a demo expense, making it a sensible choice not only in terms of features, but in economics. OnLive's two-year track record of 100% uptime and meeting the reliability and security requirements of purchased games gives partners the confidence to not just demo cloud games, but convert them into cloud sales if they choose to. And, OnLive has a proven track record of delivering a great experience across all devices with commercial-grade reliability over both wired and wireless networks, supporting gamepads, keyboards/mice and touch, and offering the exclusive OnLive Universal Wireless Controller for TVs, tablets and phones, as well as PCs and Macs.

OnLive In-Browser Cloud Gaming is backed by hundreds of patents and patents pending worldwide.

For more information about partnership opportunities, contact

Breakthrough OnLive MultiView Enables
Live Spectating During Gameplay

Exclusive Multiscreen Spectating and Chat While Playing any Game
Unprecedented Co-op, Multiplayer and Social Experience
Available for OnLive In-Browser Cloud Gaming to Showcase Live Gameplay

Los Angeles, Calif. (E3 Expo, 2012) - June 5, 2012 - OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of on-demand cloud gaming, has just announced the next revolution in social gameplay, OnLive MultiView. Leveraging OnLive's exclusive massive spectating technology, OnLive MultiView empowers players for the first time ever to both spectate and voice chat with other gamers while playing their own game. Whether activated in co-op or multiplayer games to coordinate tactics with other teammates, or in single-player games to keep tabs on friends, OnLive MultiView delivers a unique social gaming experience that not only is engaging, but adds a new dimension to gaming never before possible. Like all OnLive social features, OnLive MultiView is available with OnLive's One-Click In-Browser Cloud Gaming, enabling retailers and publishers to showcase live gameplay of advanced levels and to provide context to multiplayer demos through voice chat.

OnLive's massive spectating Arena already empowers users to spectate and chat with other gamers, but with new MultiView spectating, gamers can pursue their own game while at the same time having a 3-window "picture-in-picture" experience spectating other OnLive games in play with voice and text chat. Co-op or multiplayer games take on an entirely new dimension as players can virtually look over teammates' shoulders to witness the exact same visual experience, no longer limited to describing scenes through chat. Teammates automatically appear as soon as OnLive MultiView is activated, updating as players come and go, taking cooperative tactics to completely new levels.

OnLive MultiView even transports single player gaming into a new realm. Spectate and chat with friends in other games while you continue playing your own, regardless of the type of game being played-single player, multiplayer, puzzle, action, racing, shooter, etc. Race friends through single player levels, compete to unlock achievements or just sit back and spectate what your friends are up to while conquering your own game. All MultiView features activate instantly and automatically, exclusively on the OnLive Game Service.

"Gaming is increasingly social, and OnLive MultiView builds upon OnLive's exclusive massive spectating Arena to bring spectating right into your own gameplay, whether multiplayer or single player, with teammates or friends," said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. "What's more, because of the power of the OnLive Game Service platform, game developers have no additional work to enable their games for this unique and exciting capability."

Players can activate OnLive MultiView with a simple hotkey, augmenting their gameplay to spectate three auto-populated live games. The live games are intelligently selected to show co-op or multiplayer teammates when available, or can be customized to show friends or other interesting games. Multiplayer competitive match-style game spectating is suppressed to not reveal positions, and as always, privacy settings allow players to choose whether or not their gameplay will be viewable.

The OnLive MultiView feature will be available for preview at OnLive Booth # 535, South Hall at the Electronic Entertainment Expo from June 5-7 in Los Angeles, and is currently available in closed beta. Release is slated for later in 2012. To find out more about OnLive, visit or