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Toshiba intros 14-inch Satellite U845 Ultrabook, prices start at $699

Remember that 14-inch ultraportable Toshiba teased at CES? At the time it was something of a novelty, this big-screened thing being marketed an Ultrabook, and the lack of any details only added to the mystery. Well, it's back, and it even has a name. Behold: the Satellite U845. This is actually one of two consumer-grade Ultrabooks Toshiba announced today, and it's clearly the lower-end model, given the $699 starting price. For the money, you get a 1366 x 768 display and a 500GB hard drive coupled with a 16GB solid-state drive for faster boot-ups. (You can also upgrade to a 32GB SSD.) We're told the entry-level configuration runs off a Sandy Bridge Core i3 CPU, but Ivy Bridge processors will also be available. Toshiba is shying away from revealing the exact weight, saying only that it's "just under four pounds." Whatever the exact spec, it meets Intel's revised Ultrabook specifications, and also makes room for a refreshing selection of ports: Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, two USB 2.0 sockets and one powered USB 3.0 connection. It's expected to go on sale June 24th, but if you're curious we've got hands-on photos for you to check out right now.