ViewSonic VP3280-LED 31.5-inch 4K monitor prototype hands-on (video)

Would you rather own a mid-range car, or a 31.5-inch 4K monitor? That might not seem like a terribly difficult call, but after seeing ViewSonic's 150 ppi prototype at Computex, we're not so sure we'd go with the car. Hidden beneath a nondescript engineering case a few feet away from the company's 22-inch ICS "tablet" was one of the most impressive 4K displays we've seen. The ViewSonic VP3280-LED features a 31.5-inch LCD panel, packing 8.8 million pixels for a total density of 150 pixels-per-inch. That means incredibly sharp images and vibrant frames -- the display is capable of 10-bit 1.07 billion-color presentation. A relatively small footprint means you could realistically pack 3840 x 2160 pixels on your desk, with a bit of room to spare.

The display we saw was hooked up to an Intel Core i5-powered PC, which ViewSonic reps say is only capable of pumping out still photos (you'll need a Core i7 for video or regular computer use), but we very much liked what we saw. The current iteration requires 2x dual-link DVI, but would be compatible with 2x DisplayPort in the future. ViewSonic reps say the VP3280, which will be marketed towards film studios, broadcasters, photographers and any other professionals in need of a compact 4K display, could ship by the end of the year, costing "about the price of a car." There's sadly no way to do this thing justice in still photos or video, but you can get a vague idea of how it performs in our walkthrough after the break.