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WarioWare 'flair' is reborn for the Wii U with Game & Wario

WarioWare 'flair' is reborn for the Wii U with Game & Wario
Xav de Matos
Xav de Matos|June 5, 2012 3:15 PM
Following its E3 2012 media briefing, Nintendo revealed a slew of new titles for its upcoming Wii U console, including Project P-100, on its event site. Another title that snuck its way on the E3 page was the working title project Game & Wario.

"Wario and his Diamond City friends are back in action. Game & Wario (working title) features a collection of games that use only the Wii U GamePad controller. The games retain the original flair and character of the micro-games from the WarioWare series," the site reads.

Single-player games found in the collection include 'Arrow,' which transforms the WiiPad as a hi-tech bow used to defeat swarming enemies; 'Ski,' where players lead a skier to the finish line tilting the WiiPad; and 'Shutter,' which uses the WiiPad as a camera to take shots of hidden criminals.

A multiplayer game for up to two to five players dubbed 'Fruit' allows one WiiPad-wielding player to anonymously control one of the other players on screen to quietly steam scattered fruit.

Sounds both wacky and strange, which is exactly what we'd expect from a WarioWare-style title.%Gallery-157167%
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WarioWare 'flair' is reborn for the Wii U with Game & Wario