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Windows Phone Marketplace surpasses 100,000 app submissions

Hitting the big six digits is no small feat for an app store, so it's definitely worth celebrating. Taking just over five months to double its numbers, the Windows Phone Marketplace has now seen 100,000 applications submitted since its humble beginnings, and now enjoys an average daily submission count of 313 apps. As a disclaimer, this doesn't mean we currently have access to all hundred-thousand apps -- just over 10,000 of them are no longer available, which translates into 88,371 apps being live somewhere in the world. Still, the milestone is an important one because few other app stores have made it this far -- and it did so relatively quickly. For instance, the Marketplace reached this mark five months faster than the Android Market, but three months slower than the iOS App Store. Given the popularity of both competitors, we'd say that developer growth has been strong and steady for Windows Phone -- and with an exciting 'sneak peek' of the OS's future (Apollo) coming up in a couple weeks, the trend is likely to continue increasing at an exponential pace.

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