ASUS first out the gate with 802.11ac laptop according to Broadcom

Oddly, ASUS has been mum on this particular Computex announcement, but we're going to take Broadcom at its word for now. According to the wireless chip manufacturer, ASUS's G75VW gaming laptop will have the honor of being the first machine on the market with an 802.11ac radio inside. During a press event, Broadcom's Michael Hurlston dubbed the PC the "World's first 5G Wi-Fi laptop," saying that it would be available "very shortly." Our cohorts over at Engadget Spanish got hands-on with the lappy last month, but found it's spec sheet decidedly lacking in next-gen WiFi brags. The G75VW had Ivy Bridge under the hood, a 1080p display and a GeForce GTX 670M -- but no 802.11ac. Presumably the discrepancy is due to a planned product refresh, and not to an error on Broadcom's part. ASUS also has an 802.11ac router on deck, and Hurlston claims a desktop motherboard is in the works too. For more, check out the watch on your wrist... it's waiting time.