ASUS shows off a touchscreen Zenbook Prime Ultrabook, we go fingers-on (updated)

Remember that ASUS Zenbook Prime Ultrabook we previewed last week? Yeah, it's outdated already, and you have none other than ASUS to thank. In addition to all the Ultrabooks and tablets the company announced later this week, it's also showing off a touch-enabled version of the 11-inch UX21A we tested out. What can we say? The form factor makes sense, given that Windows 8 is on the way and Microsoft is the star of this year's Computex. Other than that touchscreen, though, you won't notice any differences in the hardware: it's the same industrial design and backlit keyboard that you know and covet. And while the show floor is littered with touchscreen laptops, we will say that it's an especially welcome addition here, since the Zenbook Primes are already endowed with some of the best displays on the market: IPS quality with 1080p resolution. Touch just makes it better -- so long as you can live with the fingerprints. No word on when (or if!) this will be available, or whether we'll see a 13-inch version. Considering this was built with Windows 8 in mind, though, we'd wager it'll be a few months yet before we get clarification on all that.

Update: An ASUS rep confirmed these touchscreen Zenbook Primes will be coming to the US, and there will be a 13-inch option too.%Gallery-157281%

Zach Honig contributed to this report.