Konka tries to differentiate with familiar-looking Kanzi 3D UI

Some phone makers carve their own path, others ride on their coattails. Konka, however, somehow carves its own coattails, and we admire the ingenuity. The Shenzhen-based mobile maker, known for its familiar designs and logo font, has just announced that, going forward, its smartphones will be using the 3D Kanzi UI from Rightware -- as formally seen on ZTE handsets. So does this complete the trifecta of design flattery? The Kanzi interface can be seen in action in the video after the break, but if you weren't sure how 3D it was, then there's a PR after that too, which might mention it. Just a few times.

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KONKA Aims to Global Market with Kanzi UI Powered Android Smartphones

Rightware's Kanzi UI Solution provides crucial differentiation to KONKA smartphones with top-notch user experience, feature-rich 3D content and better usability

ESPOO, Finland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rightware Oy, a leader in embedded 3D user interface (UI) technologies, announced today that Shenzhen KONKA Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd, a leading Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, will ship its smartphone with 3D homescreen powered by Kanzi® UI Solution. KONKA's device is based on Mediatek's chip platform and is incorporated with a HVGA & WVGA display and a Kanzi powered 3D homescreen.

The 3D homescreen for KONKA incorporates 3D launcher, 3D live wallpaper and 3D lock-screen, thus combining easy usability with feature-rich 3D content offering a great user experience to consumers. The 3D homescreen, with associated 3D content, was designed and implemented at Rightware's local design center in Shanghai, China reflecting the latest design and usability.

"In order to capture global market share with our forth-coming smartphone models, KONKA is investing to deliver the best-in-class user interfaces. Rightware's Kanzi UI based homescreen with all 3D elements included in our latest device, puts us a step ahead the competition and satisfies our customers by bringing them a whole new level of user experience," said Mr. Alvin Fan, Vice President of KONKA Telecommunication.

Kanzi UI Solution enables the implementation of high-end user interfaces even for mid-range Android mobile devices, tablets and other embedded devices. With years of experience in the field of graphics performance testing, Rightware has been able to optimize Kanzi UI Solution to make it capable of executing comprehensive UI designs with superior performance.

"The importance of eye-catching 3D user interfaces for differentiation is a well-known fact but more interesting is to observe – for example in KONKA devices – how well 3D user interfaces can incorporate new functionality and improve the usability in devices. We're truly excited to help our customer KONKA to expand into new markets and capture market share globally with their innovative devices featuring 3D user interfaces and homescreens powered by our patent-pending Kanzi UI Solution," said Mr. Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware.

As well as providing the industry's most cutting-edge user interface technologies, Rightware also provides its customers with a full range of complementing services including: UI design, implementation and unique performance benchmarking of various chipsets. With the help of Rightware Kanzi UI Solution, customers get the most modern, turnkey solution in the industry that dramatically speeds up time to market without compromising quality.