Naoki Yoshida talks about Final Fantasy XIV with Famitsu


Final Fantasy XIV is out in force at E3 this year, showing off all of the changes coming to the game with the Version 2.0 launch. Producer Naoki Yoshida recently sat down with popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu to discuss some of the changes en route, and a translation of that interview is now available. Yoshida confirms that the game is on schedule, with full promotions starting in August and an alpha test beginning in late September.

As Yoshida sees it, the game needs to have a stronger connection to previous titles in the franchise. Fans can expect to see familiar elements like the Crystal Tower (Final Fantasy III), Magitek Armor (Final Fantasy VI), and areas reminiscent of Ivalice (Final Fantasy XII/Tactics). The new client is also meant to be highly customizable and capable of running on low-end machine or high-end machines as needed. Take a look at the full translation for more teases on what's around the corner for Eorzea.

[Thanks to Ring for the tip!]