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NBA Baller Beats adds a real basketball to your Kinect arsenal, we attempt to go hands-on (video)

Forget what your mum told you. Soon, you'll be bouncing a real basketball in your living room in order to strengthen your ball handling skills via your Xbox 360's Kinect. Majesco has developed NBA Baller Beats, a gaming title that will ship with the requisite ball so that you don't have to go searching out in the garage to get started. Don't get too excited, though -- the package won't include any sort of hardwood court-esque add-on for the feel of taking Kobe to the hole at the Staples Center. However, the soundtrack that drives your dribbles and cross-overs (and determines level of difficulty) should be just enough to embarrass you at some point. Think about this way: it's like Guitar Hero for sports fans. Well, we won't stall any longer. Head on past the break to catch a glimpse of a tech editor's best shot at a quick demo of the software here at E3 2012.