Comcast VOD for TiVo Premieres expands to Boston, old Comcast TiVos shut off in August

Where we expected, although not precisely when, TiVo and Comcast have expanded their alliance to Boston starting today. That means TiVo Premieres in the area will be able to access the company's cable video on-demand, however it also marks an end to the old Motorola-built Comcast boxes that ran TiVo software. Confirming a note received by one of our commenters, the test units that started rolling out in a few areas back in '08 whill be shut off on or shortly after August 1st, and users are being encouraged to upgrade to a new Premiere unit. Whether you rep New England or are just waiting for an update on your neck of the woods, as usual TiVo's blog has more information or you can sign up at its Comcast portal to find out when Xfinity On Demand is coming your way.