NEC's Gaziru takes image recognition to the cloud, looks a lot like Goggles (video)

NEC's Gaziru takes image recognition to the cloud,

While Google's remained relatively quiet on the Goggles front, NEC's picking up where that image recognition left off with its own product, dubbed Gaziru. Showcased at Wireless Japan 2012, the company's angling its service, which aims to leverage both hardware- and cloud-based processing for smartphone queries, towards enterprise and consumer markets, highlighting its usefulness across a range of services from marketing to search. Much like the aforementioned Mountain View version, users would need only to snap a picture of an object with their phones to receive relevant search data, access product manuals or, in one scenario, car and real estate listings. Given its planned commercial launch this June, it won't be long before we'll get a chance to test this software en vivo. For now, content yourself with a translated video tour after the break.