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DmC's Dante isn't gay, he's just the victim of sensationalist demon news

DmC's Dante isn't gay

When the news anchor in this Devil May Cry trailer called Dante a "sexual deviant," the connotations of such a phrase harkened back to eras of gross intolerance of homosexuality in the 70s and 80s, and led us and others on Twitter to question if this new Dante might, himself, be gay.

"No, he's not gay," Ninja Theory chief designer Tameem Antoniades told us at E3, while Capcom's Motohide Eshiro laughed in the background. His translator said it wasn't the first time they'd been asked. "But I kind of wish he was now," Antoniades said.

The news anchor, it turns out, is a demon, and his radical, extremist views on human morality mean he will say anything to villainize Dante in Limbo City, even reverting to out-dated, irreverent labels such as "terrorist" and "sexual deviant" in loud, alarmist segments. Thankfully we don't have anything like that in reality.

Dante's redesign stems from Capcom Japan giving Ninja Theory complete creative control over the new title. Capcom wants to connect with the western market in a bold and distinctive way and, to Ninja Theory, that means Dante's new appearance, portraying him with short brown hair, a lean body and sleeping naked, apparently.

Dante is a rebel in every sense of the word: His sword is named Rebellion, he's part angel and demon rolled into a fleshy human body, and he's out to destroy Lilith, the demon in control of Limbo City. Anything else you may hear about his character may just be over-hyped lies disguised as truth -- or news.