Sonnet shipping xMac mini server, Echo Express PCIe adapters to follow suit shortly (update)

Sonnet's no stranger to the Thunderbolt peripheral game and it now has three new Thor-approved expansions to ship. The Echo Express adapter packs one X4 mode PCIe 2.0 slot of the x16 flavor, an extra opening for a connector plate or a double-width card and clocks in at a sizeable $599. At a heftier $899 $799, the Pro model sports two of the same slots and support configurations with larger cards. The AC-powered aluminum housings each feature an extra Thunderbolt port to continue the daisy chain and ship out for duty on June 8th. Bent on turning your Mac mini into a server and have $1,295 squirreled away behind a rack? The xMac mini server 1U rackmount enclosure is replacing its older sibling and adds more PCIe 2.0 slot connectivity. Hit the source links for full tech specs on all three.

Update: The Echo Express Pro rings up at $799 instead of $899. Sonnet Tech let us know that the RackMac mini Xserver never shipped, but is being revamped as the xMac mini.