ZoomTether shares your phone's connection, tethering plan optional

If you don't want to cough up for a dedicated tethering plan, there are some illicit ways to share your phone's data connection with other devices. Of course, most of them require you to root your handset, which might not be something you're interested in doing. Another option is to buy a wireless router from Zoom (specifically the 4501 or 4506), install ZoomTether and plug your phone into the back. Rather than turn your smartphone into a hotspot itself, Zoom's standalone routers do the heavy WiFi lifting, which means you get the full 330 yards you've come expect from an 802.11n radio and, perhaps, a little longer battery life from your mobile. The ZoomTether-compatible routers even have batteries so that you can use them as truly portable hotspots. This little gem isn't available in Google Play just yet. You'll have to side load it by first updating your router's firmware, then transferring the app from the router to your phone. The fun and convoluted directions are available at the source. Just remember, if your carrier catches on and hits you with a hefty bill, don't blame us.