Apple's WWDC 2012 keynote is tomorrow -- get your liveblog right here!

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference opens up tomorrow, with Tim Cook taking the stage at 10AM PT to deliver what'll have to be... well, some fairly important company news. He asked us back in March to look forward to more in 2012, and if the deluge of rumors is indication of what's to come, this could very well be the most monumental WWDC in recent memory. Or, you know, maybe we'll just hear that iOS 6 is indeed coming after iOS 5. Our own Tim Stevens and Darren Murph will be on hand at Moscone West in San Francisco to bring you second-by-second coverage, and if you're looking for a bookmark, you can return here tomorrow to catch the liveblog. We'll also be broadcasting live outside of the venue (sorry, Apple won't allow video streaming from within!) before and after the fireworks, so be sure to keep it locked for a full day's worth of mayhem.

P.S. - Toss your best guesses on what's coming in comments below! %Gallery-157789%