Apple next-generation MacBook Pro (with Retina display) hands-on at WWDC 2012

Apple nextgeneration MacBook Pro with Retina display handson at WWDC 2012

Not satisfied looking at the latest and best Mac that Apple has ever made under glass? Neither were we, so we tracked one down, ripped it out of its box and stacked it up against the last-generation MacBook Pro 15-inch. How does it compare? Can it compare? Is the new MagSafe 2 connector going to mean you need all new adapters? And, just how amazing is that Retina display? You'll have to join us after the break to find out. %Gallery-157961%

It's immediately apparent that this thing isn't the 15-inch MacBook Air that we've all been hoping for. But, then again, neither is it a traditional MacBook Pro. This is something that slots in between the two current devices and, we'd say, does so quite cleanly -- though honestly we can't imagine anyone wanting the O.G. Pro with an optical drive after touching this thing.

It's 0.71-inches thick, or roughly 25 percent thinner than the current generation Pros (which, by the way, live on -- except for the 17-incher). That's just .03-inches thicker than the 13-inch MacBook Air, but it feels like quite a bit more. Where the Air is tapered, this has a constant thickness throughout. So, again, it doesn't feel like an Air, but it's a big improvement over the Pro.

On the right side you have an SD card reader, full-size HDMI port and the first USB 3.0 port. (Which, by the way, is not blue -- Apple just made all the ports 3.0 and they're all naturally white.) On the other side is the other USB 3.0 port along with dual Thunderbolt ports, a headphone jack and the new MagSafe 2 connector.

Now, about that connector. Your old power adapters will not work with the new MacBook Pro and your new MacBook Pro adapter will not work with your old Macs. That's a little irritating but, hey, it's progress, folks, get with it -- or buy the $9.99 adapter that will let you use your old plugs with your new Macs.

And that display? It's gorgeous. If you've had the opportunity to compare the new iPad to the old iPad you'll know the kind of leap forward we're talking about here. It's that much better, but it isn't just resolution. Contrast seems greater and viewing angles too. We'll need more time to do a thorough analysis but we can say with confidence this display doesn't disappoint.

Neither does the rest of the machine. We have a lot of benchmarking to go and we can't wait to get to it, so we'll call this to a close and dig in with this, the next-generation MacBook Pro.