Diablo 3 updated with Retina display support for 'next generation' MacBook Pro

Diablo 3 updated for Retina display for MacBook Pro refresh

Apple revealed the "next generation" of its MacBook Pro laptops this afternoon, along with a refresh of its current line of Pro products. One particular standout of the Nvidia Kepler-powered Pro: Apple's decision to use its gorgeous Retina display, as revealed during the company's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.

Like the last iPad refresh, however, applications and games will have to be updated to utilize the new Retina screen. During his keynote, Apple's Phil Schiller revealed Diablo 3, Blizzard's latest addiction, will be updated for the upcoming laptop model.

The new MacBook Pro line begins shipping today, but if you wanna get your hands on that fancy new Retina display, you'll be shelling out a minimum of $2,200. Blizzard has yet to reveal when the game will be updated for use with the new display, but we'll be sure to ask. For information on models and pricing, and everything else during Apple's WWDC, check out Engadget's ongoing live blog.