SmartKey TV HDMI dongle gives ICS brains to any boob tube (updated)

How many similar devices have to come to light, until a new category is born? Screentop? USBPC? We're going with "Pendroid." Whatever you want to call it, here's another one, this time up the SmartKey TV from Italian firm LiquidTv. Inside its tiny housing are a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, Mali 400MP GPU, 512MB RAM and 4GB flash storage. There's a USB host port, and one for power, along with a microSD (up to 32GB) card slot, plus wireless in b, g and n flavors. Unlike other products that leave the input solution up to you, this little guy has accessories and a smartphone app purpose-built for that. If you want a slice, it'll cost you €99 (about $125,) or €119 ($150) with a motion sensor remote control. Tune your browser to the Italian video after the break to see it in action.

Update: Some people are pointing out the similarities between this product and a Kickstarter project, and it looks like there are some issues between the two. LiquidTv has now removed its existing video demo -- and Infinitec (the company behind a very similar-looking Pendroid project) have been quick to state that the SmartKey TV isn't related to its Pocket TV.