ASUS PadFone, Transformer and Transformer Prime hang out under the sun

While cooking up our ASUS PadFone review, we decided to bring its Android tablet cousins together for a family portrait, because why not? Sadly, at the time of shooting these photos the Transformer Pad TF300 wasn't yet available in Hong Kong, so the original Transformer TF101 and the Transformer Prime TF201 will do for now. While you enjoy our gallery below, take a close look at how strikingly similar the keyboard docks for the TF101 and the PadFone are. Enjoy!

Update: Regarding readability under the sun (which is a fair question), the PadFone Station was almost just as good as that on the Transformer Prime -- both have an optional outdoor mode that boosts the screen brightness for this purpose, which is why they perform much better than the original Transformer.%Gallery-155847%