ASUS PadFone gets its first firmware update, minor bugs removed

We've been regularly poking the "Check Update" button on our PadFone since the release of our epic review, and just as promised, today ASUS has finally delivered the hybrid device's first OTA update. While the release notes have yet to pop up, we can see that the system firmware on our Taiwanese model's been upgraded to IML74K.CHT_PadFone-, which has eliminated some of the bugs that we had reported to ASUS. For instance, the missing change-keyboard button in ASUS' Chinese handwriting input method has been reinstated, and trace input in ASUS' English keyboard is now working properly. Sadly, the "A" and "L" keys are still easy to miss -- we're accustomed to their larger sensitive areas on the native Android keyboard, so we shall stick to that for the time being.

Also sent along is the camera firmware's update which brings the version number up to f09951, and consequently we're no longer getting an erroneous "no GPS signal" message in the camera app. Last but not least, the PadFone Station's firmware is now at version p40, but we've yet to notice any difference. Until we get the update log, don't be afraid to drop us a note in the comments if you spot anything else new.

Update: We almost forgot to mention that the PadFone's already out in Singapore, and our pals over at Engadget Spanish reported earlier today that it's also heading to tiendas españolas next month. Likewise for Italy, according to Notebook Italia.

Update 2: It turns out ASUS has also thrown in a solution for the Dynamic Switching compatibility issue, but we've yet to see a change log materialize a week after we received this update. If you have a PadFone, head over to Settings and under "ASUS Customised Setting" you can now add apps to a dynamic display switch list. While most of our apps now work fine with this, some of the core apps like Play Store, Gmail, YouTube and Maps are absent on the list, and the recent apps list still gets wiped clean after each switch. That said, this is already a huge improvement.