IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube SLASH for iOS and Mac

IK Multimedia has just announced AmpliTube Slash for iPhone, iPad and the Mac. Yes, that's right. Slash, the guitarist from Guns N' Roses (and many other musical projects), has teamed up with IK Multimedia to produce his signature pedals and amplifiers on AmpliTube.

The app comes with two Slash signature Marshall amplifiers (the JCM Slash and AFD 100), and six pedals (Octo Blue, Booster, X-Chorus, Delay, Slash Distortion Wah and a gate). And, of course, a comprehensive collection of presets (including Paradise and Jungle, to name a few) to get your tone sounding just like Slash's.

If you've used AmpliTube before, you'll feel right at home with how the app feels and operates. I was given an early release of the iOS version, and it's just as slick as AmpliTube for iOS (which we did a review of here) and AmpliTube Fender for iOS. And yes, it does sound very much like your playing through Slash's setup, it's almost uncanny!

But the unique thing about this release of AmpliTube (apart from it having Slash's signature tone) is that Slash, the professional and legendary guitar player that he is, has partnered with IK and endorsed the app. This is a huge plug for the credibility of virtual guitar setups. Okay, he's not using it on stage or in the studio, but Slash says, "AmpliTube iRig comes in really handy for on-the-go practicing, recording, or just jamming on different ideas -- even if it's on the bus -- it's right with me all the time." So, for even the most experienced and professional guitar players out there, apps like Amplitube on mobile devices are becoming common place in their setups.

Of course, if you're using AmpliTube on an iOS device you need IK Multimedia's iRig guitar interface (review also here) to actually plug your guitar in. And AmpliTube on the Mac requires an audio interface too.

AmpliTube Slash for iOS costs US$9.99. Users of Ampltubue 3 on the Mac will shortly be able to purchase all the Slash gear as an add-on purchase through the AmpliTube Custom Shop system for $79.99.

Check out the video below of Slash putting the app through its paces.