Insert Coin: Deeper Smart sonar Fishfinder for Android and iOS

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Insert Coin Deeper Smart sonar Fishfinder for Android and iOS

We can't say a smartphone-connected sonar fish detector ranks high on our must-have list, but man is it a cool idea. Friday Lab's taking the plunge with its Deeper Smart Fishfinder -- a spherical waterproof device that beams back individual fish depth and location info, along with temperature and floor depth to your Android 2.2+ or iOS 4.0+ smartphone or tablet within 150 feet via Bluetooth. You simply use a standard rod and line to lower Deeper from a bridge, boat or shore, and the device automatically powers on when it makes contact with water -- a six-hour battery should suffice for all but the most dedicated of fishermen, unless they have a USB power source nearby for charging.

Naturally, the sphere is water- and shock-resistant, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius (14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit). The Deeper app also provides air temperature and moon phase readouts, and social media functionality that lets you post fishing updates to Facebook or Twitter -- so all of your less fortunate friends can see how much fun you're having catching fish and stuff. The first 60 Deeper backers can snag one set for $129 (plus $20 shipping) on Indiegogo, while latecomers can hop on board for $20 more. You can also place your pre-order through the company's site, also for $149. There's just shy of four weeks left for Friday Lab to meet its $49,000 goal, so hit up our source link after the break to show your support. And if you're not quite ready to commit, there's a video awaiting you there as well.

Previous project update: Kick, the smartphone-controlled camera light for iOS, is approaching the halfway mark towards its $115,000 goal. There's nearly five weeks to go, so it's quite likely that we'll see this project funded. You can "pre-order" your own for $89 before the clock ticks to zero.