Nantsune meat slicer scans in 3D to get the perfect cut, bring home the bacon in record time (video)

Bacon, our old friend. We've missed you. Japan's Nantsune must have missed it too, as its new Libra 165C meat slicer is using some mighty advanced technology to cut pork quickly. Beating a Nikko creation to the punch by about a year, it uses a displacement sensor to scan the shape of a slab of meat and make cuts that are the exact same weight, regardless of their shape or thickness. By knowing as much as it does in advance, the Libra can cut as many as 6,000 slices every hour; they're not ready-made bacon slices, but they'll certainly get to those cuts much faster than earlier methods that only weighed in mid-chop. You might not want to get visions of setting up Nantsune's meat machine in the kitchen: it'll be ready by the end of June, but the $160,000 price could mean sacrificing a whole lot of other food to avoid breaking out the cleaver.