HTC Acknowledges One X WiFi bug on Tegra 3 models

There's always some snag with these big flagship devices it seems. The iPhone 4 had antennagate, Verizon's Galaxy Nexus couldn't seem to stay connected and now the One X is joining the parade with some serious WiFi issues. Some users have complained of weak WiFi reception and, alarmingly, a rather odd fix. Simply squeezing the device in the right place could drastically improve signal strength indicating the issue may be hardware based. HTC has confirmed the issue and identified a fix that involves strengthening the connecting points on the phone's WiFi antenna. Interestingly, the issue has only been reported in Tegra 3 models so far, but we'd stop shy of saying it only affects those units. If you're experiencing problems with the WiFi on your One X you can call HTC's customer support to confirm the issue and send it in for repair.