Infinitec updates Pocket TV to 1GB RAM, settles on final design and reaffirms October shipments

It's another wondrous success story from within the walls of Kickstarter, but honestly, meeting its funding goal was just the start for Infinitec. The outfit's second product, the Pocket TV, is well on its way to becoming a commercialized reality, but backers will be pleased to know that a few changes are being made in order to address some of the most frequently voiced concerns. For starters, the company's doubling the included RAM from 512MB to 1GB. We asked its founders why it'd make such a change, and were told that the boost in memory would enable "snappier performance" throughout, and ensure that it'll handle "the next versions of Android" when updates become available. Wise move. Contrary to the belief of many, such a decision requires more than a simple tweak on a purchase order; Infinitec will be redesigning the final product to look like the item pictured above, and it's bringing on staff in order to adhere to its original shipment month of October. Hungry for even more? There's a minty fresh hands-on video just after the break.