CordLite illuminated iOS dock connector cable hands-on (video)

CordLite illuminated iOS dock connector cable handson video

Love or hate it, Apple's 30-pin dock connector is no easier to attach than a standard micro-USB plug. That's not to say that it's tremendously difficult to link an iOS device with its proprietary cable, but it can be a nuisance on occasion, especially when you're fumbling around in the dark. CordLite makes that standard-issue dock connector cable a bit more nighttime friendly, adding a pair of touch-activated white LEDs to the left and right of the metal lead. Instead of the familiar white, this third-party Apple cable is finished in black (white is available, too), with a silver connector at the tail end. That component itself is noticeably wider, longer and thicker than its Apple-designed counterpart, but that's to be expected, given the added electronics. After you connect the USB plug to a computer or power source, the opposite end is ready to go to work, lighting up just as soon as you touch its metal housing. It powers off just as quickly, once it's docked with your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

We took the cable for a spin earlier today, and while the device we received is an early prototype, it still worked just fine, lighting up and turning off on cue, and pairing our iPhone with a MacBook just as any old dock connector cable has in the past. There's not much more to it than that -- the cable works, and we can see how it could be useful in low-light situations, such as at the bedside, in a car or while riding on a plane. It could theoretically also double as a flash light, and given that you're most likely to use it in a dark environment, it could be equally suited for non-iOS-related scenarios as well. CordLite isn't available for purchase yet, but you can be one of the first to receive a cable if you hop on board the company's Kickstarter campaign. Pledges of $30 or more will net you one CordLite in black or white after the device's estimated October ship date -- assuming the project meets its $70,000 funding goal before next week. For now, you can take a closer look in our hands-on video after the break, and rest assured that your days of blindly connecting your iPhone may very well be numbered.%Gallery-158639%