Reading Rainbow app coming tonight, will be subscription-based (updated)

If you're right around my age (a couple years past 30), you'll probably also have fond memories of watching Levar Burton's Reading Rainbow program on PBS all those years ago. Burton, in addition with his work on Star Trek, has remained a pretty well-known figure for both Trekkies and those in education. Late last year, he announced that Reading Rainbow would be coming back as an iPad app, and the app is arriving on the App Store this evening.

The app isn't quite live yet as of this writing, but it will be a subscription affair for kids. For $9.99 a month (or slightly cheaper if you buy in six-month installments), the app will deliver books, interactive educational content, and other videos and information. Some of the books included (which have been supplied by a number of various educational partners) will be read by Burton himself, while some will be performed by other speakers as well (just like the original TV show).

It might be a bit much for simple nostalgia, but if you have kids currently looking for this kind of content, it sounds like a great deal. The Reading Rainbow app is set to go live later this evening.

Update: The app's now out, so head over to the App Store and check it out!