48 PandaBoards chained together in solar-powered ARM cluster

Michael Larabel already had a 12-core PandaBoard-based mini-cluster under his belt. Clearly, the only way to outdo that is to go bigger, better and greener. The Phoronix founder took 48 of the OMAP 4460-powered boards, got them up and running on Ubuntu 12.04 and chained them together in a massive ARM cluster of Linux goodness. Even with 96 cores chugging along at 1.2GHz the cabinet of tiny computers used only 200 watts -- a threshold Larabel was able to meet with a solar panel strapped to a handtruck. Sadly we don't have any performance figures yet, but MIT, where the little ARM experiment was conducted, should be releasing benchmarks and video soon enough. In the meantime, hit up the source link for some more details and photos of this 96-core, solar-powered wonder.