Augmented reality browser Junaio offers less 'clunky' apps, new API for developers (video)

Remember Metaio? Back in February we reported on the company's rather neat brand of markerless augmented reality, and now it has some fresh news: a major revamp to its Junaio AR browser for iOS and Android, which incorporates the markerless algorithms and a lot more besides. The browser is an open platform for a myriad of smaller AR apps coded by independent developers, and the new version includes both a new UI and API to give those devs additional tools in HTML5 and JavaScript.

Right now, the app is worth a peek for the various curiosities demo'd after the break -- such as the ability to see other people's Instagram photos overlaid on the view from your rear camera, showing the direction and distance to the point where they were snapped. In time, though, we're really hoping that developers will latch on to platforms like this and take AR to where it needs to be: something that let's us recognize and augment people and objects naturally and instantaneously, without pre-conceived markers. In fact, Junaio really needs to have coffee with Project Glass.

Update: looks like the Android version has jammed in a pipe somewhere and won't hit Google Play til June 25th.

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Metaio adds new look, new feel, new API to junaio, bringing mobile browsing closer to reality

"Life should be as browsable as the web", says metaio

MUNICH / SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2012 – metaio, the worldwide leader in Augmented
Reality (AR) software, today announced the release of the latest update to junaio, the most
advanced AR Browser and open development platform, available immediately for download
on iOS and Android mobile devices. With a brand new user interface and experience, this
version of junaio is an AR browser that no one has ever seen before, driven by amazing
content, incredible interactions and a tool that allows anyone to produce their own

From a new API that opens up the creation of AR experiences to HTML5 and JavaScript
development to a brand-new intuitive user interface, the new junaio takes mobile augmented
reality experiences to a whole new level. With thousands of content channels from developers, designers and popular brands, the camera of the smartphone releases the vastness of the internet into the real world.

Augmented reality apps in the past have been clunky, unintuitive and almost impossible to
navigate. The new junaio brings a fresh start to mobile AR, with a seamless swipe transition
between the different features. As soon as users load the application, they will be greeted with a friendly and quick tutorial, after which they will be transported instantly to smart GPS AR content, immediately displaying information based on their location. From that screen users need only to swipe to access the QR code scanner, a list of new and popular content channels, or even a visual search engine that will take the user directly to the AR content without ever leaving the screen.

"This is junaio at its best. It's never been easier to find fresh, relevant content in the world around you," said Daniel Gelder, VP Commercial & Consumer Platform Strategy. "This is a huge step for mobile Augmented Reality to have an application that practically anyone can use for the first time."

With over 10000 active developers, junaio is one of the most successful open development
platforms for mobile AR. Metaio has added HTML5 and JavaScript support that will allow
developers, agencies and brands to deploy games and other experiences that interact and
respond to elements in the real world.

For over a year, junaio has already provided smartphone users the ability to scan QR codes,
navigate indoor and outdoor environments and discover augmented content in images and print, with experiences from content from popular services and brands like 3M, eBay Classifieds, Toyota, Valpak, Foursquare, Eventbrite, Twitter, Instagram, and Wikipedia.

"Mobile users should be able to browse life like the web," said Trak Lord, head of US Marketing & Media Relations for metaio. "This latest version of junaio is the first major step to making that a reality."

GPS, image recognition, visual search and other AR features can be found in a variety of apps, but junaio is the only one that combines them all in a single, free application. With a clean new look and technology that will empower the next generation of mobile interactions, junaio is the mobile companion for an Augmented World.