How it's made: Join us on a tour of the MK802 mini PC factory (video)

Getting to grips with the Android 4.0-toting MK802 mini PC earlier this month just left us wanting more. Luckily, recently took a tour of the Shenzhen factory where it's born to bring us a hands-on straight from source. The MK802 is one of a couple of devices we've seen recently, around the size of a USB stick and pre-installed with your favorite flavor of Android. And since its release, even those who aren't keen on frozen desserts have been toying with the little droid. To see a blow-by-blow of how it all fits together, hit up the ten-minute tour after the break, but don't expect Foxconn levels of glamour. As you can see from the painter at the beginning, Health & Safety isn't top of the agenda.

[Thanks, Justin]