Apple hits HTC with counterclaim lawsuit for failure to FRAND license 4G patents

It's been far too quiet on the litigation front here at Engadget lately, but thankfully Apple's broken our courtroom news dry spell with a freshly filed counterclaim in the Eastern District of Virginia federal court. FOSS Patents reports that Apple's target is HTC, who Apple claims has abused two patents essential to the 4G/LTE wireless standard by using them in a legal action against Cupertino. In doing so, Apple asserts HTC breached its FRAND licensing obligations. The counterclaim was filed in response to an HTC-initiated complaint in the ITC, and comes hot on the heels of Apple's recent win in that case where it managed to exclude some Google patents that the Taiwanese firm borrowed to take Apple down. Will this new legal action meet the same success? We'll have to wait for lady justice to do her thing to find out, but in the meantime you can check out the source link for more.