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FedEx gets amped about electrifying its step vans

FedEx gets amped about electrifying its step vans
James Trew
James Trew|@itstrew|June 23, 2012 5:02 PM

If, like ours, your ears are finely tuned to the sound of the delivery van's engine, prepare for lots more collection slips. FedEx is working with gas-to-EV converters, Amp, to switch some of its wagons over to the electric side of the fence. At the moment, just two vehicles will be ditching the diesel, but should the Washington, D.C.-based testing go well, it could lead to a further 9000 vans getting the petro-snip. Amp Electric Vehicles identified fleets such as FedEx's as ideal candidates for the conversion, based on the shorter daily range requirements and typically poor gas mileage. Good news and all, and we admire the firm's forward thinking, but how are we going to hear our latest impulse-purchase coming round the corner now?

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