Google includes Jelly Bean easter egg in Android 4.1: yes, it's cute (video)

In Gingerbread, those tapping repeatedly on the version number with Android's "Settings" menu were greeted with a picture of "zombie art" by Jack Larson. In Honeycomb, a bee found its buzz. In Ice Cream Sandwich, we saw an image of the Android robot dressed up in an Ice Cream Sandwich, which grows in size when you long-press it until it transforms into a Nyan Cat-style animation. Today, we grabbed hold of a Galaxy Nexus equipped with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), and sure enough, the tradition continues. This time, we're graced with a cutesy bean, and when long-pressed, you're presented with a game that encourages you to flick candy around a gravity-less location... for eternity. Care to see for yourself? There's a video just past the break.

[Thanks, Jarrett]