Google Nexus Q lets Android owners stream media from the cloud, shipping for $299 in mid-July

...And the Nexus Q is official. Google's first consumer electronics product is a small, sphere-shaped device that will work with the Nexus 7 tablet and other Android devices to stream media from the cloud. It's designed to hold court in your living room, pulling content from YouTube and the Google Play music app, among other services, to let you stream music and video. Anyone with an Android device will be able to take control of the Q to play content from their library; basically, everyone can be the DJ. What's more, the device can double as an amplifier, letting users plug in external speakers to receiver power from the Q's 25-watt amp.

Under the hood, there's an OMAP 4460 processor -- the same as in the Galaxy Nexus -- along with 16GB of storage and 1GB of RAM. There's also dual-band WiFi and Ethernet, along with Bluetooth and NFC for tapping a device to the Q to exchange software and media. The media streamer will go on sale for $299 in mid-July. As we mentioned before, Google will also sell a set of $399 Triad bookshelf speakers to go with the Q. More coverage to follow -- in the meantime, check out Google's videos about the new product.

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Update: Excuse the dyslexic typo. The Nexus Q is powered by an OMAP 4460 CPU.