Griffin's Kiosk iPad mount now available

If you've been thinking about using an iPad for a customer kiosk in your business, but haven't figured out how to secure it, Griffin's new Kiosk may be just the solution.

The Kiosk comes in two versions -- the Floor Mount (US$299), which screws into a floor and lifts the iPad to 47.5" above floor height, and the Table Mount ($199) that mounts an iPad so it's sitting about a foot above a table.

The hardware to mount the Kiosk is included, and three interchangeable faceplates provide or deny access to the camera and home button. An included power cable runs through the center of the steel mount arm, keeping it protected at all times.

Since you'll also want to make sure that your customers are focused on your custom app or website, Griffin is also selling the Kiosk app ($2.99) in the App Store. Users can set up a defined home URL and web domain, have a home page reloaded after a pre-set time of non-use, set up a whitelist of allowable web domains or create a customizable URL shortcut buttons, ID the devices by number or name, and get notified by email if a device is unplugged, has a low battery, or is being abused by a user.

The Griffin Kiosk looks like a very good solution for business, and you can download a data sheet (PDF) with all of the details.