Sergey Brin hopes to bring Google Glass to market in 2014

If you're not one of the lucky few who met Google's requirements (be a U.S. citizen attending IO) and don't have $1,500 to drop on an early dev unit of an unproven technology, you might be wondering, "when can I get my hands on Glass?" The answer, straight from Sergey Brin's mouth, is 2014... hopefully. The Google big wig told Bloomberg that, if all goes according to plan, Google Glass will become available to consumers en masse sometime in 2014. Of course, how much cheaper they'll be two years from now is anyone's guess. But we wouldn't expect the first-gen to be an impulse purchase. When you check out the video after the break, you might notice that Sergey is wearing a new set of Glass glasses (how's that for awkward sounding), these ones with some snap in shades. If you're wondering if progress could be made any faster, we wouldn't count on it. Brin says he spends more than half his time on this project -- which means Google is putting a lot of stock in the future of wearable computers. Check out the complete interview after the break.