HP plans to hold off on building ARM-based Windows tablets, focus on x86 instead

Whether it's put off by Microsoft's own push into tablets with Surface or just taking a wait-and-see approach, HP has now confirmed that it won't be among those offering ARM-based Windows 8 (or RT) hardware when the OS makes its long-awaited debut later this year. That possibility was first reported by SemiAccurate earlier today and has now been backed up by Bloomberg, which has the official word straight from HP spokesperson Marlene Somsak. She noted that HP will instead be focusing solely on x86-based devices, a decision that she says was "influenced by input from our customers," adding that the "robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications provides the best customer experience at this time and in the immediate future." What's more, Somsak went on to say that HP's first Windows 8 tablet will focus on the business market, which certainly lines up with the leaked device pictured above that surfaced a few months back.