Samsung launches S Health services: Monitors weight, blood sugar and graphs it all

Samsung mentioned its S Health app in passing during the grand unveiling of the Galaxy S III -- presumably due to the glut of similarly S-suffixed apps and services that were also unveiled. The service has now apparently launched in Samsung's homeland, alongside more details of what it'll offer. This includes a raft of metric-measuring charts, as well as the ability to connect through Bluetooth and USB to health devices like heart-rate monitors and connectivity-friendly scales. The app will record and even graph your health ups and downs, aiming to help "regulate" what you eat and gauge exactly how much you exercise. It has now launch on Samsung's App hub and will make its way to the US and five to-be-confirmed European countries soon. Let Samsung explain the "warm emotional experience" in a Google-translated release right after the break.

Update: We've just received the English version of the PR, which adds that the app is now live in the UK, alongside an initial list of compatible health devices. Take a look after the break.

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Samsung introduces S Health application for GALAXY S III

Track and understand health readings with ease

London, UK - July 2, 2012 - Samsung Electronics, today announced the availability of S Health, a personal wellness application for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Initially demonstrated at the Galaxy S III Unpacked launch event in May, S Health collects health data to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. The application is compatible with a number of healthcare sensors such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and body composition scales. The app enables the sensors to transfer a wide variety of health measurements automatically to the Galaxy S III via Bluetooth or USB, communicating information on the user's health.

Simon Stanford, Vice President, Telecommunications and Networks, Samsung UK and Ireland said: "S Health can provide real benefits in terms of tracking and monitoring health and wellness for our customers. We're delighted to bring this innovative application to the Galaxy S III's portfolio of diverse content and applications to suit different needs."

S Health collects health data and creates graphs or tables for the results to provide a full picture of health information in a digestible, easy-to-understand format. S Health also has the ability to track and chart health readings over prolonged periods, which is of benefit for users who need to monitor their conditions regularly. Data can also be entered manually for diet, exercise, medication intake, and other pertinent health criteria.

Being able to share personal success stories can aid motivation in accomplishing set health goals. To help users share their achievements, S Health integrates social networks into the app and enables health updates and messages to be posted online via Twitter.

S Health is available for download in the UK through Samsung's More Services pre-loaded application on the Galaxy SIII.

Compatibility information

S Health is compatible with the following health readers/sensors:

- Lifescan Blood Glucose Meter (OneTouch UltraMini/UltraEasy Blood Glucose Meter in the US) (for connection via USB)

- OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (HEM-7081-IT) and Body Composition (HBF-206-IT) (for connection via Bluetooth)

- A&D Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-767PBT-C) and Body Composition (UA-321PBT-C) (for connection via Bluetooth)