Sony S-Series XQD memory cards hit speed record at 168MB/s, starting at $500 for 32GB in Japan

Sony's new S-Series XQD memory cards will be the fastest you can buy when they arrive on the Japanese market July 11th, with a transfer speed of 168MB/s -- a boon if you're shooting continuous raw photos or high data rate HD video. The company claims that you'll need a Thunderbolt connection on your computer to take advantage of all that speed, which comes via the PCI Express Gen interface used for the memory cards. The 32GB and 64GB models will also have plenty of space to put all that media, but you'll need to pay for the privilege, to the tune of $503 and $754, respectively. Of course, those prices may not be an issue if you've already plonked down the coin for one of the few devices that support them.