Sony patents exercise music system that adjusts music to your work-out tempo

While our bodies approach beach-readiness for the summer, Sony's unveiled plans to tinker with your gym playlist in the future. According to a patent granted today, the electronics manufacturer aims to closely tie the tempo of your music to your own physical exertions. It'll do this by using a nefarious-sounding (but ultimately vague) "exercise information analyzing circuit" that will pick up on tempo differences between the user and their favorite Pendulum tracks. It will then change the "music data" for something a little more fitting for your 10-minute trudge at 10 percent incline. The patent's sketches include the idea of personalized profiles for users, and displaying what you got done at the end of the session, broken down by tempo and duration. The technology could end up in PMPs or phones, although we reckon the latter has more legs. Give your legalese its own workout and peruse the laborious wording of another patent filing at the source below.