Samsung expects record earnings for Q2 thanks to all those Galaxy phone sales

Samsung's complete earnings results for the April - June 2012 period won't come out until July 27th, but Reuters reports its early guidance to investors estimates the company's profit at a record 6.7 trillion won ($5.9 billion). That's mostly due to strong sales of the ever-expanding (and increasingly targeted by lawsuits) line of Galaxy smartphones. Sales forecasts are slightly below earlier estimates, and while there's no specific numbers for each division, a Bloomberg breakdown of analyst predictions suggests there should be more good news to go around later this month.

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Samsung Electronics' Pre-Earnings Guidance

On July 6, 2012, Samsung Electronics disclosed its '12. 2Q consolidated earnings estimate as follows.

- Sales: Approximately 47 trillion Won
- Operating Profit: Approximately 6.7 trillion Won

The above estimate is provided for the convenience of investors, before the earnings results are finalized. Domestic disclosure regulations do not allow earnings estimates to be given in a range. Therefore, the above figures are the median of the earnings estimate range given below.

- Sales: 46 ~ 48 trillion Won
- Operating Profit: 6.5 ~ 6.9 trillion Won

*The above figures are consolidated earnings estimates based on K-IFRS.
And they are provided for the convenience of investors only, before the external audit
on the financial results of our headquarters, subsidiaries and affiliates is completed.