Motorola DEFY Pro heads to Brazil, offers tough and tactile Android action

You got to give it to Motorola, it's pretty specific with its handset releases. Today's announcement? It's the DEFY Pro doing the Samba towards Brazil. The "lifeproof" phone is designed to battle the elements (water, dust and carnival spirit,) and is the first touchscreen / QWERTY Android handset from the firm. There's 2.7-inches of Gorilla Glassed screen to poke at, an SD card slot to upgrade the 2GB onboard memory (upto 32GB) plus GPS and WiFi (so you can find your way home with the morning after). How much for this party of a phone? We don't know just yet, but the fun starts on July 15th, when it becomes available.

Update: Motorola reached out to us with some clarification on its claim of being the first touchscreen / QWERTY Android handset:

The release denotes that the DEFY Pro is our first life-proof device to feature both a QWERTY and touchscreen. Motorola's life-proof devices are water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof, ready to handle life's daily challenges, indoors and out. Admiral and Titanium have similar features but are categorized slightly differently since they are iDEN-based products and have different mil-spec certification.

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Motorola Mobility Launches Motorola DEFY™ PRO in Brazil

Lifeproof line resistant to water, dust and weather grows with the launch of Motorola´s first Android™-based smartphone with touchsecreen and full QWERTY keyboard

July 05, 2012

SÃO PAULO – July 5, 2012 – Tough yet classy. Professional and fun. Motorola Industrial Ltda is bringing Motorola DEFY™ PRO to Brazil – the first life-proof Android ™-based smartphone from Motorola Mobility with full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen display. Dust-proof, water-resistant and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass display. Strong enough to resist both your personal and professional lifestyle. Now, you can send an urgent work email, take a photo of your kids, and keep track of all those weekend get-togethers on one device.

Motorola DEFY PRO has a simple and elegant look that's as fit for the boardroom as it is your living room. With its flawless chrome finish and 2.7-inch Gorilla Glass™ screen, it can whatever life throws at it – including little hands that like to throw, spill and drop.

With this phone in your pocket you'll have a full QWERTY keyboard that's great for emailing and sending text messages. You can print documents straight from the phone thanks to MotoPrint. And you don't have to worry about someone accessing information on your phone, since Motorola DEFY PRO has email and VPN support. Which means you can access your corporate data from anywhere. And with the Quickoffice® app, you can review and edit documents while you take that extra-long lunch.

With the new user interface, Motorola DEFY MINI organizes your contacts according to who you talk to most and which apps you get the most mileage out of.

Life is all about multi-tasking. And you probably sometimes wish you had more hands. Well, Motorola DEFY PRO makes life's juggling act easier. For your personal life, Motorola DEFY PRO has a bunch of instrumental dashboards to help you plan every step of your day.

• Outdoor View – Not sure whether to put rain boots on the kids or grab your sunglasses? Glance at your outdoor dashboard view and you'll know if there are clear skies ahead.
• Hiking View – No more running into closed hiking trails or ones that end in the middle of no-where. This dashboard will make sure that no matter which direction you head, you'll always make it back home.
• Workout View – Every step you take and every calorie you burn toward a healthier you is monitored on this dashboard. It even has a stop watch so you can track just how long it takes to jog home.

Motorola DEFY PRO also has Wi-Fi for surfing the Web and staying up-to-date on the latest news; GPS so you'll never lose your way on the road. And with the 5 -megapixel autofocus flash built-in camera, you'll catch every memorable moment. It even has a flash so your pictures always come out bright, clear and ready to share.

"You're constantly on the go, whether running to the office or running around town. Finally, there's a smartphone designed to keep up with your work and personal life," said Edson Bortolli, products director, Motorola Mobility Brazil. "Motorola DEFY PRO is ready for anything and will never let you down."

With its robust design, Motorola DEFY PRO has microUSB connection, Wi-Fi®, DLNA, and Bluetooth® connectivity. In addition, it comes with comes with a 2GB memory card expandable to 32GB for users on the go who need everything in the palm of their hand. As this is an Android-powered smartphone, the user will have immediate access to over 500,000 apps and games available on Google Play™.


Motorola DEFY PRO is available in Brazil by July, 15th.