Breakfast Topic: What's your gold making secret?

Breakfast Topic What's your goldmaking secret

I've been posting quite a bit about gold of late, mainly on the subject of gold sinks. In the comments of both these articles, many people have spoken about how they barely even look at the Auction House and make 10k gold per week. Others have waxed lyrical on how gosh-darn easy it is to make gold in WoW, how all you need to do is read up a little, know your markets and post auctions.

Some have said they farm; some have said they don't. Some have said that the gold you make just by doing daily quests and leveling is very high; some have disagreed.

An overarching theme I've noticed, though, is that those who do know how to make gold have their methods, while those who don't know how to make gold (myself included) barely have a clue. In my PvP columns, the commenters are always very generous with their advice for others, so I thought I'd try to engender the same spirit in some gold making secret sharing!

So what's your gold-making secret? As I mentioned, I'm not that great at making gold. However, I do have a few cunning ploys. If I just need a bit of fast gold and I've got some time to kill, I farm herbs. Obviously, the Cataclysm ones are good sellers. I go and check out the Auction House to see what's low in supply and higher priced than usual, and then I go farm that. However, not flooding the market is a good move, so I'll mix it up a bit rather than posting 20 stacks of the same herb. Also, whenever my alts level up, I send the cloth they loot to my tailor. Certain cloth sells very well on my server, but if it isn't that sort of cloth, I tailor it into cloth gear, then disenchant that gear on the same character and put the resulting materials on the Auction House. Some sell better than others, but it can still be better than selling the cloth. And if the mats aren't selling, I'll make them into an enchant!

So those are a couple of my cunning schemes. What are yours?