Roskva electric motorcycle revealed in Norway with carbon fiber chassis and clothes

The choices in the electric motorcycle market just keep getting juicier, and while you'll still have to stick with the more established brands like Brammo, Zero or BRD if you're looking to make a purchase, a hot new prototype has just been unveiled that threatens to make them all look a little bit... pedestrian. It's called the Roskva from a team of five students at the University of Life Sciences (UMB) in Oslo, Norway. Like a MotoGP bike it has an all carbon fiber unified frame and bodywork that weighs less than 25kg and even rolls on carbon wheels. A 94HP motor provides the oomph and delivers a top speed of about 112MPH, with a maximum range of 62 miles. No word on when or if the thing might make it into actual production, but we can say for sure that there's a second picture of the thing just waiting for you right after the break, still in that same garage that is far, far neater than ours.

[Image credit: Henrik Holmberg]

Roskva electric motorcycle revealed in Norway carbon fiber chassis  94hp motor  112MPH top speed