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Is Google selling the Nexus 7 at a loss?

Andy Rubin has already made it known that Google isn't planning to profit from the Nexus 7's hardware -- according to him, it's being sold at cost. However, a teardown conducted by TechInsights (and reported by Fudzilla) suggests that the true extent of our 'discount' may have been underplayed, because the Nexus 7's parts alone reportedly add up to around $184. That's just $15 below the current asking price for an 8GB model, before you even get to all the added costs like packaging, distribution, support, marketing and the tidy $25 Google Play voucher that comes as part of the bundle. Now, these figures may not be reliable, because who knows what deals Google and ASUS managed to negotiate, but still, it's further evidence (in case you needed it) that this tablet makes for a smart purchase.