9 reader tips for making gold

9 reader tips on making gold

For someone who doesn't really know much about gold or the making of it, I've been posting a lot about gold recently! I recently posted a Breakfast Topic asking our dear readers what their gold-making secrets are, and we at WoW Insider thought the comments deserved their own post.

First and foremost, some gold making tips cropped up too many times for me to attribute them to any one commenter.

1. Loot everything, sell everything. CaptainFreddy puts it well:

And from someone who got his paladin Charger back in Vanilla, loot and sell EVERYTHING. You may feel grody picking that Troll Sweat up, but that's silver in the pocket.

SueNankivell adds:

And get a 'Vendor greys' addon to save time. If you're an AH player, these methods are not the fastest ways to make money. On the other hand, if you're NOT, then you need to make the most of what you DO do in WoW. Loot everything, and sell everything you don't need or use on the AH.

2. Use addons to your advantage. Many commenters mention the various addons that they use. TradeSkillMaster of course crops up a lot, along with others.

AltosGold says:

The "cunning scheme" is proper use of addons. Whether you are using TSM for posting auctions, Auctionator/Auctioneer for scans/resales, NPC Scan for farming rares, or Dailies Quest addon, the list goes on and on. Even a novice "gold maker in training" can utilize these addons and with a little bit of knowledge can rake in quite a bit of cash.

And Alyzande adds:

Auctioneer, auctionator, trade skill master, lil sparky's workshop, postal, altoholic, I've made a get-them-all-here suite at Curse

3. Know your professions. Demeatrius left us a very long and in-depth post covering the various money-making methods he has across all his alts, which, he adds, have every profession but engineering maxed out. He had some tidbits of advice for specific methods of gold making within certain professions.

Jewelcrafting and Enchanting are by far my best money makers... I buy up 2 or 3k worth of Elementium at a time, prospect it, save all the rares and make 3 of each of the cuts I have for them and post them on the AH. The green gems I make sure I have 2 stacks of each kind and then I turn the rest into jewelry and send it over to my enchanter to DE and then I sell the enchant mats.

Tailoring - I mostly deal in Netherweave Bags and Spellthreads (leg enchants). Bags are cheap to make and the profit margin is huge despite that it seems like a small amount of gold, if you keep doing it it adds up fast. Another thing I do is buy up the cheap stacks of Runecloth and turn them into Bolts. Once I have 400 or 500 bolts saved up I craft them into Runecloth Headbands and DE them and sell the mats...

Blacksmithing - Belt Buckles all the way. Buy the mats when they are relatively cheap, turn them into belt buckles, and double or even triple the gold invested...

Captcpu added:

Keep it simple. Enchanting is a simple money maker because of disenchanting. If you run dungeons and raids a lot, and do dailies, you can DE everything into mats and sell them consistently. A simple add-on can scan the AH for cheap, under priced greens and blues that you can flip or DE for cash...

Use gathering professions. Spend an hour or two a week gathering. No, this is not normally a great way to optimize your "gold per hour." But it is a consistent money maker. The reason it's consistent is because most of the big AH players DON'T do it. They buy the mats straight off the AH from folks like you... Hint: Mining and Herbalism both have multiple professions that rely heavily on their labors.

4. Farm wisely: older areas can yield greater profits than new. Speaking of farming, TysonHinton had some great advice regarding using your farming time to the best effect.

If you are going to farm... ...remember that often times older mats sell for much more. You would easily make more gold by farming saronite and frostweave cloth then you would farming elementium.

My personal favorite farming spot which makes me about 2k an hour is to get a potion of treasure finding and then go kill the trogs in big groups north of stonehearth in Deepholm. You will make around 400 gold an hour straight up from looting and then another 19 STACKS of cindercloth, 24 green items (to be DE'd), and from the treasure boxes 10 waterm 25 earth, 29 life, 12 pyrite which all in total net me close to 2k an hour.

Old areas can yield much more expensive mats, it seems, simply because there are fewer people farming them. I know that, on my server, Frostweave sells for an insane amount compared to all other cloth. TysonHinton's using this sort of idea to great effect.

5. Use cross-faction trading. Enigmachine commented with some great advice on cross-faction trading.

Cross faction trading. You need 2 accounts or to run this with a friend.

You purchase something (either from a faction-only vendor or that faction's action house) and then list it on a neutral auction house -- or you have a friend do that, for you to then purchase. It gets purchased and then you have effectively passed an item from one faction to the other.

You need to be quick (if you price the items low) or make sure that a higher price can be covered. That's to stop some random person seeing a bargain and purchasing the item that you want to transfer.

You also need to consider the fact that neutral auction houses also take a larger percentage than your own faction's auction houses. Why do it? Some items are so much cheaper on the other faction that it's worthwhile. ... The pet I have in mind used to sell for 1500g on the Horde auction house and 5400g on the Alliance auction house. It doesn't have to be pets you do this with. It can be anything - even raw materials...

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, check out our Gold Capped article on cross-faction trading!

6. Make gold from the Darkmoon Faire. Yoojine had some fantastic input on using the Darkmoon Faire to make some sneaky gold from an often-overlooked source.

Fish DMF pools: embersilk, cata herbs, flasks, pots and heavy savage leather. If you're not a DK or Shaman, grab some elixirs of water walking (alchemists make them from glassfin minnows, which can be fished in pools in Crystalsong Forest) because some pools are only accessible by water travel. Beta testers have confirmed that the pools will drop Panda-quality mats in the future.

PvP. Make sure you have the DMF book and queue for a random battleground. Take insignias while you play (which is good BG practice anyway). You get about 50 silver per insignia, which is not too shabby, but also the three PvP DMF items: Banner, Insignia, Journal. These sell decently well on the AH, because some people are simply allergic to PvP, and others don't bother looting insignias.

7. Make gold via transmogrification. Puntable1 had this simple advice for making some gold through transmogrification.

If you are low level: When you get BoE armor drops, check to see what it looks like on you (hold the Ctrl button). If it looks interesting, someone might pay thousands of gold for it to use for transmogrification. If your character is male, get the mod "Looks Better On You" to see what it looks like on a female, It can make a huge difference.

And if you want to know more, check out Gold Capped's interview with the Mogfather.

8. Make gold from others' laziness! SueNankivell had some ideas on profiting from your WoW knowledge or others' laziness or lack of knowledge.

Oh and find those 'annoying to locate and sold in limited supply' recipes, cooking recipes in Sithilus, or a leatherworking recipe in Hillbrad, pick a few up for 10s each, and put them on the AH for a few gold. Again, not a huge earner, but a nice lil bonus for your lvl 20 something.

9. Time isn't money, friend! And to finish off this set of tips, some great quality-of-life advice from the Gold Queen herself, Alyzande:

Know your buyers: what they want now, what they'll pay, when they'll pay most, what they will want next.

Know yourself: Don't exceed your boredom threshold. Divide your time up into 15 minute segments, because anyone can do anything for 15 minutes, even farming... Even Argent Tournament dailies...

Time is NOT money, friend. You can always get more gold, you cannot get more time.

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