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Japanese company releasing do-it-yourself Pius electric vehicle, name sounds vaguely familiar

That homemade bug-zapping lightsaber not quite floating your boat? Then how about building your own electric vehicle? That's the opportunity that MODI Corporation in Japan hopes to sell when its "Pius" kit car -- not to be confused with the Toyota Prius -- becomes available next spring. Specs from the official site for the "micro compact car" reveal a vehicle that's 885mm tall, 1,230mm wide and 2,500mm long. Range on a full charge is 25 kilometers or a little over 15 miles. Top speed is 35km/h, which sadly disqualifies it from the list of vehicles Doc Brown can use for time travel. The company expects to sell the one-seater to colleges and mechanic schools for use as a learning tool on how EVs work. MODI Corporation hasn't provided pricing for the vehicle but announced that it will be available in six colors, including white, red and blue. Yes, it isn't quite up to snuff with Drayson Racing's 850-horsepower B12/69EV. Then again, we don't think they have do-it-yourself kits for that one.